Successful implementation of projects and programs is imperative to the business cost management, profitability, growth, and sustainability. A strong comprehension of how to plan, execute, monitor, and control the implementation is required of all team members to achieve such goal.

SDM provides advisory assistance which uniquely tailored to fit your specific business requirements and culture in achieving such goal through:

Project Management Office (PMO) Services

The PMO Services is designed for organizations in which the PMO structure is not yet developed or in the development phase.

SDM customized toolkit of proven techniques and methodologies and PMO team will assist your PMO operation in selecting and prioritizing, managing, and monitoring and control your projects and programs implementation.

Project Feasibility Study & Evaluation

SDM provides a thorough feasibility study on a project initiative by investigating all aspects and factors that may affect the project and the business as a whole.
Our team of project manager, industry economist, market analyst, management expert, and technical specialist will generate a comprehensive report that spells out the pros and contras based on the verification of alternatives and assumptions against the project goal.

Construction Management & Supervision

Not only behind-the-desk work, SDM goes to the field in its Strategic Project Management implementation. Putting the theory into engineering implementation, SDM applies a systematic approach in providing a focused supervision and management on your construction projects.

Project Audit (Project Due Diligence)

The Project Audit (Project Due Diligence) service allows our clients to identify the level of consistency between project plan and the actual implementation. SDM will deliver the findings which may include risk mitigation plan, project plan review, project testing, training, and communication planning.
The recommended corrective actions based on the findings will be used to obtain stakeholder commitment in running the project according to the plan and manage the change control.

Project Monitoring & Control

A comprehensive project plan will not be completed as stated without a firm monitoring and control. SDM provides the system required to analyze all activities, identify the plan variances and potential issues that may arise during the implementation, and recommend corrective action to take in order to ensure the consistency of the plan.

Project Team Deployment

Most organizations are now dependent on people and technology in assuring the project success. While the project management discipline is rooted in the design and delivery of technology, the organization must also ensure the availability of the competency of its people in running the project to achieve the business goal.


The need to continuously adapt to the changing business environment works parallel with the effort to continuously improve the organization capability.

In doing so, SDM provides the below services to ensure your organization competency is aligned with the market:

Project Management Office (PMO) Deployment

SDM provides assistance in developing PMO or optimizing the implementation of an existing PMO at any level of maturity to ensure the evolving challenges are met and the function and services are provided properly.

Project Management Advisory

The Project Management Advisory assists you in connecting the gap between theory and practice by reinforcing the understanding and applying the sound concept of project management. The hands-on transfer of knowledge will enable the improvement of the project management competency within the organization.

Performance Management

SDM provides the framework for measuring the performance of various organizational practices to evaluate the effectiveness against business impact and to enable you to make intelligent business decision.

Project Management Methodology Development

SDM methodology implementation approach is designed to foster the acceptance and adoption of the standard methodology within the organization culture. By refining the existing management best-practices, SDM collaborates the standard and methodology through:
‣ Methodology Development Services
‣ Methodology Deployment and Ongoing Support


SDM provides Learning and Competency Development program to ensure the organization competency improvement through a series of training and workshop. The program is designed to provide encouragement and improve knowledge through andragogical approach and simulation tools.

The Learning and Competency Development Program includes:

Strategic Project Management

A workshop that is designed to provide an understanding of how end-to-end implementation of Project Management creates the organization competitive advantage.

Planning & Managing Multiple Projects

A workshop that is designed to provide an understanding of how to manage multiple projects which each possesses a set of unique implementation element, and how to focus on the techniques and tools to monitor and control the simultaneously-run project implementation.

Advanced Project Procurement Management

A workshop that is designed to equip participants with the knowledge of procurement and contract management which address various types of procurement activities, including service acquisition, intellectual property considerations, government requirements, and more.

Mastering Project Management Tools

A workshop that is designed to provide a complete structure and practical knowledge of Microsoft Project in implementing project management methodology.

PMP® Certification Accelerated Booth Camp

An intensive workshop to prepare you in passing the Project Management Professional® examination. The Booth Camp is kept up-to-date based on the knowledge framework outlined in the PMBOK® 6th Edition.

PMI®, PMP®, and PMBOK® are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.